Together Camp

As my friend Brandon rounded the corner I immediately noticed that he was flanked by an entourage of hospital workers. To our excitement each worker was carrying in their arms stacks of sheets and pillows. It was perhaps the first of many miracles to happen during that short week.

A teen in our youth group was seriously hospitalized earlier that day and the doctors were not reassuring. As a matter of fact, they were trying to navigate the difficult territory of preparing a family for the loss of their only son. He was given hours to live.

When I got the call I immediately got into my car and went to the hospital not knowing what I would walk into. As I arrived in the waiting room, I found a devastated family. I prayed with a mom and dad who were expecting any minute to have that dreaded conversation. And then it happened.


One friend after another began to show up to the hospital waiting room. Within the hour, to the horror of the hospital receptionists, we had a small church gathering of teenagers. The teens began to pray without ceasing as the hours excruciatingly ticked by.

As it got dark outside many of the teens had to head home but a few of us decided to sleep in the waiting room. We waited, we prayed, and we slept with the help of those sheets and pillows. 

I wish I could use this space to speak about every miracle that happened during that week but I will summarize with this. A boy was miraculously healed to the shock of his doctors. His healing was so complete that he walked away days later with no lasting damage to his body. I also believe a small revival broke out in that hospital as we gathered and prayed day after day. Ultimately, people gave their lives to Christ and some were baptized in a lake in the middle of a night.

It was glorious. God lovingly showed up as his church gathered. 

True Community

God loves to show his love through the church. And this church is made up of people from every background, race, culture, gender and age. Meaning, there is no age restriction for the church.

Currently in Alive, we are going through a series called True Community (It is based off of Jerry Bridges book by the same name).  It is our hope that through this series the teens will catch a vision for biblical community. Each week we will learn about fellowship and how we participate in it through encouragement, discipleship, serving, prayer and worship. We believe fellowship is always an activity of at least three people. Two Christians and Jesus. 

Together Camp

But we don’t want to just learn about community. We want to experience it! And that is what this summer’s Together Camp is all about. We will take everything we have learned in the coming months and apply it in one fun and worship-filled week.

Together Camp is a week-long camp designed to engage High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers in deep fellowship. As we created the schedule we intentionally thought through every day. We don’t want to waste this time and we don’t want to have a boring time. So, believe me when I say it’s going to be meaningful AND a lot of fun!


DATE: JUNE 26, 2018 TO JUNE 30, 2018



COST: $180 (Check here for Fundraising Options)

The youth in our church have a role to play in God’s plans and we don’t want to miss out on it. Please prayerfully consider signing your teen up for this summer’s Together Camp.

I’ve seen what it looks like when teens know that they are the church. 

It is glorious. God lovingly shows up when his church gathers and I believe he will again this Summer.

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