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2020 marks the 35th Anniversary of Metro Life Church.  Celebrations and milestones like this give us a reason to pause, reflect and celebrate all that God has done in and through us over the years we’ve been together.  From a gathering in a living room to our permanent home in Casselberry, and all the points along the way, our life together has been full and God has continually been faithful.

Metro 35 BadgeHindsight is often said to be 2020, so we look back to gain clarity on the years that have gone by, drinking in the fullness of God’s goodness to us.  2020 doesn’t represent perfect vision though, even in hindsight.  These 35 years have indeed been full and even in the difficult times together we’re beginning to understand why we’re told to rejoice always, because God is always at work!

Scripture also tells us that we only see, know, and prophecy in part (1 Cor 13).  With that in mind anniversaries give us a reason to look ahead, praying in full to see, hear and know in part what God has for us in the years ahead.  In other words, we’re not just enjoying what has happened, we’re desperately crying out for God to provide His clarity through His Spirit’s leading for the years ahead.

All said, we believe that 2020 is a crucial year in the life of Metro Life Church.

Here are just a few key ways we’re planning to celebrate and pursue in the year ahead.

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