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2020 - Building Fund

When we first began as a church we were blessed to have a variety of facilities to meet in.  From a living room to hotels, to rentals of other churches, a middle and high school as well as a movie theatre; God always provided a place for us to gather, celebrate HIs goodness and be trained in HIs ways.  

Over 20 years ago we were blessed with a permanent property of 9.5 acres in the City of Casselberry.  This location would become our new home base.  Not only a place for our local church to gather, worship and to be trained, but a place of hospitality.  Our desire was to welcome others - from around the nation and around the globe - to be refreshed, equipped and sent out. Our mission is to be disciples who make disciples and spread the Kingdom of God until He returns!

We’ve welcomed a countless number of people to that end over the years and love hearing stories of how God met with individuals right here at 910 South Winter Park Drive in Casselberry, FL.

After paying cash for our land we financed the building of our facility, we’ve sought to retire that mortgage and steward this resource in ways that would continue to support what we believed that God was calling us to.  As we’ve prayed about this anniversary year one thing God has burdened our hearts with as leaders is to finish paying off the 1.2 million dollars that remains.

It’s a daunting number to be sure, but it’s not one that we’re called to try to handle on our own - we are calling the church to supernatural faith followed by sacrificial giving to pay off our facility by the end of the year 2020.  No one of us can do this on our own, but together we can by God’s grace accomplish this mission together!

Donor Pyramid-04While we’re working to have a laser focus on this aspect of stewardship that we believe that God is calling us to for this season we’re not “pressing pause” on our mission at all!  We’re pursuing new ways to serve our community, be a part of hosting national and international training and equipping opportunities as well as being a part of Global Missions. What an abundant life in Christ we’re called to and what a full mission we have ahead.

We believe that retiring the debt on our facility this year sets us up for the calling we have as a church in the years ahead.  Would you join us on this mission together by prayerfully considering the part that you can play?


Metro Life Church is a community living for the Kingdom of God. We desire to magnify Jesus in our lives, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and see the gospel cherished in our church, proclaimed in our neighborhoods, and taken to the nations.

After prayerful consideration, in order to continue to extend that mission, we believe that God has called us to pursue paying off our building in 2020. Along with providing a consistent place for Sunday gatherings, our facility enables us to serve our congregation, reach our local community, and support our national and international relationships with other churches and pastors with Grace Partnership.


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Metro Life Church 2020 Building Payoff Fund


Employer Donation Matching

Some employers (particularly larger businesses) have a donation matching program for employees by which the employer will match donations given by an employee to a non-profit organization. Check with your employer—you could double your donations to the building fund!

Donating Stock

There are potentially significant advantages to donating stock. With the stock market near an all‐time high, this may be a good opportunity. The tax benefits can be substantial if you have owned securities for longer than a year and they have appreciated. By donating stock, you will avoid paying the capital gains tax, and you could be eligible for a charitable contribution deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock. This works best for those whose marginal tax bracket is 12% or higher and who claim itemized deductions. But please consult your tax advisor to be sure about your specific situation.

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