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For the 40th Anniversary of Metro Life Church,
we're going to 'live the commission.'


As a people on mission,
Metro Life Church is locally focused,
regionally deployed, and globally engaged.




Can you believe that in 2025, Metro Life Church will celebrate our 40th anniversary? God has done much in us and through us in those 40 years. I believe this has caused our church to be a hub for church planting, regional coordination of ministry, and international missions throughout the years.

As I was praying and initially planning for our 40th anniversary, I believe the Lord placed a vision on my heart: to call the church to have 40 of our adult members participate in international missions for our 40th anniversary.

At first, I thought this was strange until I began to think of the benefits that I’ve experienced in my own faith from participating in missions: intentionality, maturity, use of spiritual gifts, benefits from spiritual disciplines, and the list goes on. I’m jealous that as many in our church can experience this for themselves as well!

So, here’s our vision for 2025: 40 in 40.

But we can’t wait until then to plan or plant seeds for the fruit that will come from that season. We need your help now.

Little will be accomplished if we take from our regular giving to see the fruition of this vision. This is ‘over and above’ giving and going to serve.

You can make a monthly financial commitment to save above and beyond your regular giving to be prepared for this huge endeavor.

Perhaps you can give to the fund that we’ve established to begin the process now. This will help with exploratory and planning trips to coordinate the details needed to support teams of our size. Then, as you can, you can give to that fund and watch it grow.

The financial part is a reality, of course, but the point of all this is not just fundraising.

It is each one of us being personally involved in the great commission—perhaps in ways we never thought we would. This is indeed a personal challenge for every member of Metro, not just the 40 who will go for our 40th.





we're not waiting until 2025
to get ready for this!



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