Metro Life Church is a community that hopes to be a reflection of God’s glory to those around us by loving like Jesus, growing to be more like Jesus, and sharing what Jesus has done for us.

What is God’s glory?

God’s glory is like the sun’s rays; it’s the warmth of God’s love that lights our way. It’s that indescribable quality in nature, art, science, and human achievement that has amazed and inspired us throughout history.

We Love…


God’s love for us is undeniable when we think about the compassion and patience He’s shown us as He’s guided us through life. And when we see His glory in all that’s beautiful and wondrous, we can’t help but love Him back.


Jesus loves everyone, even those who don’t love Him back. He accepts everyone, even those who aren’t accepted by anyone else. Metro Life Church is more than individuals meeting together on Sunday; we’re a family that is always there for one another, loving people as they are.

We Grow…

Jesus is our example, which leaves us a lot of room for growth! But change is never easy, especially on our own. So God gave us each other, and together we work hard to be better than who we are; we aim to be more like Jesus.

We Share…

There’s never been a greater act of love than what Jesus did for us on the cross. His sacrifice paid the price for us putting ourselves ahead of God and gave us a way to restore our relationship with God, by accepting His personal invitation to spend eternity with Him. We want to share this exciting news of God’s ultimate act of love with the world!

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to get to know a little about you. So drop by for a visit; we’re looking forward to meeting you.