Pre-Marital Counseling

PreMarital Counseling serves as a wonderful foundation to build your life together on.  In PreMaritals we focus our attention on a marriage, family and home that centers itself around Jesus Christ.  Covering practical topics including roles in marriage, communication, conflict resolution, intimacy in marriage and more.

We’d love to help set your marriage up for health to begin with and growth in the years ahead in your life together.

We're interested in pre-marital counseling


Weddings are a glorious, public declaration of what God has already been at work, knitting together in the hearts of a man and a woman.  We’re honored to be able to participate in a variety of ways in wedding ceremonies, often providing Pastors to serve as officiants on these days.  If you’d like to see about the availability of one of our pastors please let us know on the form below. 

We'd like to get married through the church


Your marriage is a part of your testimony of faith and a unique display of the gospel on earth.  As a church we hold marriage in high regard and want to continue to help equip you for whatever season of life your marriage is in.  Please be sure to check out upcoming GROW groups for marriage to determine how we can best serve you.

Facility Rentals

As available, our facility is available to rent first by our members and on a limited basis to our surrounding community.  There are several factors to consider with rental of our facility so please click here for more information.