Pastors lead the church through the preaching of the Word of God and by setting vision for the congregation towards loving God, growing together and proclaiming Jesus Christ. These men work together as a team to provide leadership for the church.

Aron Osborne     Danny Jones     Mike Nash     Chris Jessee


Our church administrator serves as a vocational deacon seeing to the areas of the church's finances, calendar, office, and facility.

Chip Chew     Eric Chin

Leadership Team

Our church leadership team serves in the day to day ministry of the church.

Shane Kohout     

Community Group Leaders

Serving in a role that extends the call for Deacons in our church, our Community Groups leaders provide a place where we are personally ministered too and called to growth in maturity, a place of encouragement and care for others, and a place of mission, where we see our group as a group sent out to demonstrate and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Learn more about our community groups here.

Financial Advisory Committee

Our church leadership is served by a group in the church charged to help steward the resources that God has entrusted to us for His Kingdom's work.

Ministry Team Leaders

Our church leadership is supported by men and women who give oversight to specific areas of ministry such as men's or women's ministry as well as continued financial stewardship ministry and several others as there is a need.


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