We believe in Jesus Christ…We believe he is the Savior of the world. That is why we gather and worship at this church. Quite frankly, that is why we do what we do.

Maybe you aren’t a Christian…Or maybe you have questions or doubts about being a Christian. Please understand you are welcome here regardless. We want you to experience the love of Christ. It is transforming. It is forgiving. It is life-changing. Perhaps this reason is the greatest reason we are glad you are here. Our hope is that you would experience the love of Jesus at our church. Nothing could be more important.

We want to serve you…Everyone has needs. Everyone has hurts at points in his or her life. Everyone has questions too. We really love serving people and meeting needs.

We are excited for you to make a difference in other’s lives…Yes, we want to serve you at our church, but we want you to make a difference as well. Big adventures for God often begin with small steps. You’ve come to our church for a reason. Consider that God may have sent you here so you can make an impact...an impact beyond any expectations you’ve ever had.

We’d like to show you ​4 simple steps​ you can take here at Metro Life Church that we believe help develop and deploy what God has created you for and called you to.


Jesus calls all of us to follow him together. Local churches around the world share a common bond and mission through the gospel. (Register for baptism here)


No one is meant to be alone. We foster connection by gathering on Sunday and in community groups.


In our fragmenting world, Metro Life Church is a place to find common ground and a sense of belonging.


Your passions, talents, and abilities matter. Metro Life Church is a place to use your giftings to serve and lead others.


No matter what step you take next we believe these provide a helpful way to increase your love and affections for Jesus and others, to grow in your abilities and spiritual gifts as well as share the Good News of Jesus and the difference He’s made in your life!

Join us each Sunday for a few minutes following the service as we explore these steps together. We love to talk about ways that you can get engaged with the mission we believe God has called us to!