Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there are a variety of ‘seasons’ and ‘matters’ we’ll walk through in life.  Our heart is to be here for you, to pray with you and care for you.  This care may take on a variety of forms; from counsel to serving in practical ways.  As a local church, we’re here with you as you experience new points in life or, transitions that individuals or families walk through.

Ministry one-to-another is central to our values as a church. Whether through friendships, ministries or discipleship, much care is provided through our community groups, gatherings of people who are familiar with one another in a loving atmosphere and have the opportunity to demonstrate their love and care on a regular basis.

Pastoral care may be handled within our regular rhythms of gatherings and groups. The need for specific, pastoral counseling, arising when a person needs more specific assistance or when a group and its leaders are unable to handle a severe crisis on their own.

The pages that follow are intended to begin the process of specific ways we can care for you at this time.  We’re honored to be a part of your testimony.