There are a lot of contenders today that vie for our attention and affections. Every day we are shouted and whispered at by countless voices that tell us what we really want. Who we should be. What we should love. And all of these voices never ask for our permission.

The idols of this world are persuasive and persistent. We encounter them in the things we watch, the advertisements along the road and in casual conversation with friends. All of them want to sell us the idea that they are worthy of our lives.

But the truth is they are altogether worthless. In the gospel, we have been reunited with the one who stands above all the rest. It isn't even a competition when he enters the arena. Because God, the living God who conquered sin and death, He is the matchless one!


Alive Summer 2022: Matchless

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things;
and give me life in your ways.

Psalm 119:37

This summer we are going to turn away from lesser things and fix our eyes on the matchless One. 

We will do this as a community in two ways. First, we will explore two series this Summer. We will take time at the beginning of the Summer to look at different attributes of God. This will highlight how there is absolutely nothing that compares to Him. Then we will focus on the holiness of God and how we are called to be holy too.

Second, we will grow as a community together. Alive is filled with incredible teens who love God and love each other. I've been so blessed to watch these teens grow in friendships over the last several years. I've also been blown away by how welcoming they can be to teens who have just shown up. We want to continue to nurture these friendships. So we will have a lot of fun together. This means we will take time to play games and have events throughout the summer that leaves room for fellowship and fun.

All of this will build towards the main event of our Summer, Matchless Camp. This year, Alive Summer Camp will be held at Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. This camp is a FUGE camp and will include food, dorm rooms, competitions, worship nights, messages, and small group bible studies. We will be joined by other churches, including our neighbours in Casselberry, Willow Creek Church.

Camp will be Monday through Friday (July 11th -15th) and will cost $344 per registrant.

It's our hope and prayer that this year at camp, teens will be encountered by the matchless God and find that their entire lives are now transformed.

Parents, can I ask you to do a few things? First, please be praying for your teen and the other teens in Alive. Pray that they see Jesus more clearly and that vision of Jesus changes everything. Second, consider getting your teen involved with our Summer events. On paper, it can just look like money being spent on some activities. But we want these events to be memories that your teens carry with them for years to come.

Lastly, and most importantly, please consider registering your teen for Matchless Camp. As He has done year after year, we truly believe God is going to meet us during this intentional time. We want every teen in Alive to be there.

Registration is now open! Here are the details you need to know.

Where: Southeastern University, Lakeland FL

When: July 11th-15th

Cost: $344 per early registration. Camp registration will close on June 20th.

Registration is temporarily closed. We are waiting to see if we can get additional spots.



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Highlighted Event

July 11th through 15th- Alive Summer Camp 2022: MATCHLESS


4th- Beach Day

20th- Camp Registration Closes


1st- Elev8 Fun


7th- Disney Springs Blu GNU