Equipped To Teach

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November 7, 2020

9:00am – 1:15pm

Teaching is a gift to the church, but it can be difficult to prepare for and to execute well.  Working through things like: theological precision, practical application, age and audience appropriate illustrations...the list goes on.  It can be a daunting task, for sure.


On top of that, not everyone teaches the same way or has the same interests, which can affect the ways that information is presented. At the end of the day, prep can seem like it’s all over the map in terms of a goal or aim.


But...imagine being equipped to know how to keep the good news of Jesus at the center of your message. Imagine teaching classes that could help shape the culture of Metro Life Church and have people walk away ready for their mission. THAT is the goal of this gathering.  


On Saturday, November 7, 9:00a, all teachers in Metro Life Church (including Men’s & Women’s Ministry, Truth Quest, Alive, Young Adults, GROW Classes and Community Groups) are invited to a morning of envisioning and equipping or those who believe they have a gift to teach in our local church.


We do request that you sign-up (below) so that we can be prepared for you.  Childcare is not available.


Schedule 9:00a – 1:15PM:

9:00 AM – Session 1: Word Ministry (break at 10:15)

10:30 AM – Session 2: The Storyline of Scripture (break at 11:45)

12:00 PM – Session 3: Your Bandwidth and How to use it

1:15 PM – Conclude


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