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Neighbor To Neighbor (N2N)

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May 25, 2019

8:00am – 12:00pm

Category: Local Impact

Can you hear it?

Throughout scripture, we get examples of God hearing the voices of the oppressed, forgotten and easily overlooked. In our culture many people in need get their voices drowned out by the louder calls to comfort, entertainment, and self. But how wonderful is it that those who are often unheard seem to have a direct line to our Father?

And God doesn't ignore their cries but he has created a whole community and calls us to go to them. What a privilege! 

Church, let's be like our Father by hearing the voices of the overlooked and going to them.

Neighbor to Neighbor

On May 25th, we as a church will go to those whose voices are often unheard. The Casselberry Police Department has reached out to the elderly within our community who need help with basic lawn and housework. Many within our own community have difficulty accomplishing what a few of us could do in a single morning. 

We are looking for as many volunteers as we can get. If we get a large number of early signups then we can go back to the city and ask for more homes to serve! Please consider sacrificing a Saturday morning to love strangers around our church.

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