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Your Heavenly Father Cares For You!

LoveOfAFatherQuoteWe studied Jesus' words about anxiety from Matthew 6:25-34. It seems Jesus is saying essentially one thing, which is that we have a heavenly Father who cares for us beyond our comprehension. He knows what we need and He intends to provide. But we can all confess that sometimes we face circumstances that put our trust in the promises of our loving heavenly Father to the test. In the sermon we looked at the example of Abraham from Romans 4. Commenting on this passage Paul Tripp said the following:

“When you’re in the intersection between the promises of God and the details of your situation, what you do with your mind is very important. In this intersection, God will never ask you to deny reality. Abraham considered his circumstances, but he meditated on God. And as he meditated, he actually grew stronger in faith even though nothing in his circumstance had changed yet. Have the circumstances captured your meditation? Or do the eyes of your heart focus on a God who is infinitely greater than anything you’ll ever face?”

Remember today, friends, God is your Father, and infinitely greater than any anxious temptation you will ever face! Consider your circumstances, to be sure. But then, consider your Father who is able!



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