In addition to regular times of prayer throughout the week, month & year, we've set aside 21 days in January (8th - 29th) to dedicate to prayer.

One week we'll also join together in a corporate fast (January 15th - 21st). 

Here is a simple guide for you to use during the next 21 days. To start off the new year right, we are encouraging you to grow in your walk with Christ in three areas: reading, praying and fasting.

We desire for this to be helpful to you as you pursue Jesus daily.



It's been a while since we've done 3 weeks of focus. Our desire is not to overwhelm, so we've broken down each week with the following themes:

  • A heart for the church (January 8th - 14th)
  • Fill the church (January 15th - 21st)
    • This is also our week of fasting
  • Wake Up (January 22nd - 29th)

You can find out more about each theme by going to the 'prayer page' as a part of our 21 Days.


Where should you go from here? Check out pages dedicated to help you plan for these 21 Days together:

You should also consider sharing with your Community Group how it is that you'll be participating this year.