Generosity/Stewardship Update: Q1-2024


On Sunday, March 17th, 2024, I updated the church about a few critical issues in our budget. Of greatest concern was our significant need for more members participation in giving, which resulted in a projected budget shortfall of ~$112k.

I’m grateful that the increased weekly giving to Metro Life Church and the heightened participation by our members have significantly bolstered our ability to serve our mission.


Together, we are making a difference. Through March, we began to see an upward trend in our giving. Should this continue, it will more than compensate for the 5.5% deficit we’re currently facing in our 2024 budget. We, as a community, are finding ways to reduce costs in our office and steward the gifts that are better given to maximize the effect of the gospel through our church. 



Let's celebrate the most encouraging difference we've seen: members who had previously not participated in generosity began giving in some form. This is a testament to our growing community and shared commitment. We saw an 18% increase in participation in March of 2024, and we look forward to even more members joining us.



As you can see, there is a significant change in generosity. We continue to pursue ways to increase the number of those serving and in community groups as we collectively take ownership of what we believe the Lord has called us to as a church. 



I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your kind words of encouragement and the proactive steps you've taken, such as engaging in conversations and demonstrating increased generosity, following the March 17th update.

Your increased participation is a testament to your commitment and dedication to our church. May this level of intentionality continue so that our finances glorify God!