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The Way of the Righteous

We heard from Psalm 1 on Sunday and it makes the loud statement that we cannot take the way of the righteous too seriously. Each one of us must consider what influences us (vv. 1-2), what our life is producing (vv. 3-4), and where we are headed (vv. 5-6).

Even though we need to consider all these things, this is not something that was meant to be done alone. We need the help of one another. Psalm 1 provides with a clear content for our fellowship together. There is great benefit, even as I shared from my own life on Sunday, when we care enough to ask one another these questions.

  • What would you say drives my life?
  • What fruit would you say my life is producing?
  • Do you think that I am on the way of righteous headed to eternal life or the way of the wicked headed to eternal punishment?

These are certainly hard and potentially risky questions for us to ask others who know us well. But as was also shared on Sunday, this is meant to drive us further into a relationship with Jesus Christ who is our righteousness and our only hope! We need him to save and transform us. And so these questions, that may be difficult to ask, are the doorway into a deeper relationship with the Lord.


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