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Truth Quest Update: Giving Thanks

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.04.54 AMThis week in Truth Quest, we talked about Giving Thanks.  In Scripture, David was an example of giving thanks to God, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.  Historically, we look back to the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving as they set aside time to give thanks to God for His protection and blessing on them.

We, as a culture, celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  But are we taking the time to really think about how we have been blessed?  A grateful heart is truly a beautiful thing.  

Take time this week to have your children (and yourself) consider what they are grateful for.  Have them make a list, or a craft that will display these blessings.  It is also fun to have everyone share on Thanksgiving Day -  around the table - What are you most grateful for this year?  You might be surprised (in a good way) with what you hear!  

However you choose to celebrate and remember, the most important thing is that we take time to cultivate gratefulness in our hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving!  




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