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Uprising: Alive Summer 2019

Dear Parents,

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you. Every year I’m reminded of the trust and support I receive from you as we partner together. 

Thank you for entrusting me with your teens on Wednesday nights at our regular Alive Meetings.

Thank you for giving me contexts to speak into your teens' lives. 

Thank you for the encouraging words and prayers.

And thank you for partnering with me and not exporting the full responsibility of discipling your teens onto me.

I’m proud to serve you and your teens in the name of Christ for the glory of God.

If you are wondering how you can better partner with Alive let me give you two ways that would make a huge impact.

One way that you can really partner with us is to make our regular meetings on Wednesday nights a priority. It’s in those meetings that the gospel is most consistently and clearly articulated. It’s also where your teens will encounter a community that is actively being transformed by the Holy Spirit. We are not perfect but by God’s grace, we are growing to look like the only one who is.

Secondly, please pray. Pray for me and the Alive leaders as we serve your teens. Pray for your teens to love Jesus more and more. And pray for the lost. We have a heart for Alive to grow not from teens leaving other churches youth groups but from teens leaving behind the world.

This Summer 

Life is busy. Even the time that is meant to be a break, the Summer, seems to get packed full of activities, functions and so on. Often these things are good things like sports, clubs and vacations. So, I’m not going to try and discern for you what shouldn’t be on your schedules this Summer. But can I make a case for why Alive should be?

I’m reminded of these words in 1 Timothy 4:

“Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”

Now I know that many of the events on our calendar this Summer do not look like training for godliness. And, I admit, many of them are not. Most of our Summer Activities are aimed at having a lot of fun and creating memories. But it’s my hope and prayer that those activities will drive your teen’s heart into the community of Alive. And Alive is unashamedly pursuing godliness.

We are seeing teens turn from worldliness and towards Jesus. We are preaching the word of God and witnessing it shape lives. And we are discipling, along with you, followers of Jesus. I love that I get to be a part of this incredible ministry.

So, I’m asking that you consider getting your teens involved this Summer. I know there are costs of time and money to have your teen participate. Because of that, we are being as intentional as we can to make these events valuable. Please pray with us that God would drive your teen’s heart into this Christ-centered community. 

At the end of this page you can find a full list of our Summer activities. Each link will provide additional information. 

Uprising: Alive Camp 2019

If you can only make one Summer event this year then I humbly suggest making it Uprising: Alive Camp. This is a 4-day and 3-night camp away at Lake Swan designed for your teens to get out of the regular patterns of life and slow down. It’s here that we will look at the resurrection of Jesus, our new lives in him, the power to put to death our old ways and the mission he has for the church today. We will pray, worship and fellowship together. I’m in faith that some teens will meet Jesus for the first time. I’m also in faith that others will freshly encounter God and walk away loving him more.

Please pray for this to happen! Not just for your teen but for others. Wouldn’t it be great if our youth group came back transformed by Jesus? 

But none of this can happen if the teens don’t go. So please consider making camp a priority in the budget and on the calendar.

Additional details and registration for the camp can be found here.

Alive 2019 Summer Schedule

Alive Summer Cal 19 5x7


July 31 through August 3rd- Uprising: Alive Camp 2019


1st- Early Camp Registration Closes (Price Increase TBD)

7th- Breakfast Club

8th- Beach Day

14th- Putt-Putt/City Walk

21st- Breakfast Club

22nd- Fundraiser Dance-A-Thon


5th- Breakfast Club

5th- RDV Ice Skating

8th- Camp Registration Closes

19th- Breakfast Club

25th- WhirlyBall and Laser Tag


4th- Disney Springs Scavenger Hunt/Blue GNU

14th- Back To School Bash