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Uprising: Alive Summer Camp 2019

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"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."

2 Corinthians 5:17

Something was different about the way she looked. Did she get a haircut? Should I say something about her hair? I couldn't figure out why this young girl in our church looked so different. And then it hit me, she was smiling.

Not only was she smiling, but when she started to speak you could hear the joy echoing off every word. Something was different and it didn't take long to find out because she couldn't help but talk about it. This young girl in our youth group had met Jesus for the first time.

This New Life

It wasn't like she had never heard of Jesus and the gospel but that week earlier this year they became real to her. And she isn't alone. This year we have already been blessed by God in seeing several young men and women have an encounter with Jesus. And let me tell you, it never gets old.

There are some teens who come to Alive who have never heard of the gospel before, but most have been raised in churches. This means we not only see teens encountering Jesus for the first time but we also see teens get reacquainted. 

We know that when someone trusts in Jesus they become a new creation. But now that we are new creations we must keep pressing on after God. So we don't want teens to encounter Jesus once. No, we want them to walk with him every day.

Uprising: Alive Camp 2019

And that is exactly what this year's Summer camp is all about. We want to introduce some teens to Jesus for the first time, others we want to reacquaint them, and for all, we want to teach them how to walk in the reality of new life in Jesus for every day.

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We believe one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to put the teens in a new environment. To slow down life and get away from the internet, video games, social distractions and responsibility. That is why we chose to hold camp this year at Lake Swan. We will take 4-days and 3-nights to enjoy water tubing, water slide, field games, night time volleyball, campfires, and other surprise activities. But more importantly, we will take this time to sing praise, pray for one another, study God's word and be encountered by the living God! 

I'm praying, and I believe, that God will meet us again at camp this year. Not only will it make memories for a lifetime but it will also be a chapter title for many of our stories. Parents, please consider envisioning your teens for this camp.

Alive Summer Cal 19 5x7


DATE: JULY 31st, 2019 TO AUGUST 3rd, 2019



COST: $225 

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We are praying for the teens and we are asking for you to join us.

Pray that we have an incredibly fun time.

Pray that they encounter Jesus and experience new life. 

And pray that they learn to walk in that new life for the rest of their days.

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