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Do We Love Like This? Yes, But Do So More and More!

We studied 1 Thessalonians 2, where we read of a depth of love and mutual affection between Paul and the Thessalonians. It's preserved to inspire us to pursue the same kind of love for one another, made possible only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Real, biblical love for one another is not easy. We are in a fight. Sin, namely our pride and selfishness, Satan, who is opposed to us loving one another, and the pace of our lives all resist the time and depth required to truly love one another with yearning and devotion.

In any church setting you will likely hear stories of how someone experienced love, and someone who didn't, one who felt welcomed, one who didn't. Whatever the circumstances, it reveals that loving one another as the Bible describes, is a long term project! We are no different at MLC. But on the same day I preached from this passage, I received the following email. May it encourage you that we are on the right track, but may it also inspire us to keep going!

Hey Aron,

"Now that I'm settling in up in Louisville, I wanted to write a post about a very special place, Metro Life Church. Over the past few months, I have been proud to call this church my home. It's been such an amazing place, that thinking about not being there this coming Sunday is already breaking my heart.

The amount of love and growth I experienced here is unlike any other. But the thing that makes this church so special, is the people. I was graciously welcomed with open arms on my first day, and was cared for, and loved, up until my last day there. I want to thank the youth for being so in love with the Lord, and for having a boldness that I could not have even imagined when I was their age; keep it up guys. I want to thank the members for being so consistently filled with the spirit, for their sacrificial love, and servant hearts. I want to thank the leadership team for their guidance and whole-hearted love for their congregation. Thank you all for showing me so much love, and for pouring into me.

My intention when I first came to Orlando was to dive into this church, and while I know I wasn't perfect, I hope that I was able to serve each of you in some way. The amount of growth that I experienced in my four months there was possibly the most I have in my walk with the Lord. I cannot thank each of you enough for everything you've done for me. He has made it very clear that this is the church that I belong to, and intend to come back after graduation this December, Lord willing. I am excited for the future of this church, and hope that this serves as a form of encouragement to all of you. Embrace the Spirit, and all that He wants to do there. I have a certainty that some big things are going to happen. I eagerly await the day I can return permanently, but I know He has work for me to do while I'm up here, and I want to joyfully pursue that.

I'll be praying for you all. Love and miss you guys."

Hope you have a wonderful day,



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