God Promises to be with His People

God knows what it’s like to lead his people to precarious places and be with them there. That's what we saw on Sunday in Genesis 46:1-4. The LORD was leading Jacob out of the promise land and he did not know if he would ever return. And God told him

"I myself will go down with you to Egypt" (Genesis 46:4).

What a wonderful reassurance of the presence of God!

At times we can think that there are things keeping us from God's presence. Despite popular belief, trials are not one them; our location is not one of them; neither the sin of others or our own repentant sin can keep Him from being with us. Psalm 94:14 says,

"For the LORD will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage."

This is one reason why Jesus' resurrection is more than simply icing on the cake of our salvation. Jesus accomplished the work of salvation through his perfect life and death on the cross. And upon rising from the dead, he promises to be with his people (Matthew 28:20) to the end of the age. He's alive and is ever interceding for us! His merits plead to some pretty low, far off, and dark places. Church, being in a bad place with Jesus is ten thousand times better than a good place without him.

May God raise our awareness of his presence!