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Often you will find thoughts on a Sunday message or event stories from our life together as a church.

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Blessing After Burial

Good Morning Metro! I hope the steadfast love and mercy of The Lord is encouraging you in your day. I don't know all the ways the Holy Spirit was speaking to our church family yesterday, but speak He did! We have such a tender Heavenly Father, gracious in His every dealing with us. My prayer is that there is faith in every heart for the good work that began for so many who...

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Glimpses Of The Gospel Through The Life Of Joseph

I can't believe we have reached the end of our series in Genesis so fast! It seems each week we have been seeing just how much of the Gospel is actually in the first book of the Bible! It would be generations upon generations before the birth of Jesus Christ, but in the patriarchal family we have seen glimpse after glimpse of God's salvation plan....

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God Promises to be with His People

God knows what it’s like to lead his people to precarious places and be with them there. That's what we saw on Sunday in Genesis 46:1-4. The LORD was leading Jacob out of the promise land and he did not know if he would ever return. And God told him "I myself will go down with you to Egypt" (Genesis 46:4). What a wonderful reassurance of the presence of God!...

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What Did Joseph Believe About God?

We reached the turning point on Sunday in our study of Genesis 37-50. Joseph revealed his identity and the brothers are reunited! As Joseph listened to Judah plead with him to take Benjamin's place, Joseph knew that Judah was not the same man he once was. And that led to Joseph revealing his identity. More than reveal himself, Joseph forgave his brothers! How, in light of ...

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Suffering By Sight

Joseph's story is helping me to see that God is at work in the hardest places of my life, even if I can’t presently see the outcome. Joseph's story is reminding me that what looks and feels like a pit to me is a kiln in God's purposes, where He is shaping me more and more into His image. He is growing me in those places. Joseph's story of looking past Egypt reminds ...

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