Recalling Exodus

We "began" our conclusion of Exodus this past Sunday. We rehearsed 5 characteristics about God we have seen while in our series. Which one or ones ministered most specifically to you? Was it,

1. God is a Promise Keeper

Or was it,

2. God’s Promises Often Take Us to the “School of Faith” to Forge Our Trust

How about,

3. God is Holy


4. God is Compassionate


5. God Desires Nearness with His People

I actually couldn’t pick one of them, but I have thought several times this week about the compassion God shows to us, indeed to the whole world! Charles Spurgeon's reflection affects me. Perhaps it does you, too…

“I suppose that when our Savior looked upon certain sights, those who watched him closely perceived that his internal agitation was very great, his emotions were very deep, and then his face betrayed it, his eyes gushed like founts with tears, and you saw that his big heart was ready to burst with pity for sorrow upon which his eyes were gazing. He was moved with compassion. His whole nature was agitated with commiseration for the sufferers before him.”[1]


[1] Charles Spurgeon, Sermon