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Often you will find thoughts on a Sunday message or event stories from our life together as a church.

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Recalling Exodus

We "began" our conclusion of Exodus this past Sunday. We rehearsed 5 characteristics about God we have seen while in our series. Which one or ones ministered most specifically to you? Was it, 1. God is a Promise Keeper Or was it, 2. God's Promises Often Take Us to the "School of Faith" to Forge Our Trust How about, 3. God is Holy Or, 4. God is Compassionate Finally...

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The Glory To Come!

On Sunday we studied John 14:1-6 together. Jesus was about to go to the Cross, and He knew the disciples were troubled. After three years of being with Jesus literally everyday, they were facing a future, that to them, seemed very uncertain. He said to them, "Don't let your hearts be troubled." Why did Jesus say that? Because He knew He was going to prepare a place for the...

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"O Lord, deliver me..."

Hello Metro, Ken Sande's blog post is very helpful and my thoughts are that it would also be to you. Have a blessed day in the Lord! Aron A Common Lust by Ken Sande...

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Farther Up, Farther In!

Good Afternoon Metro, I hope the certain promise of a future banquet with Jesus, in the Father's house, is compelling your living today. To think that from eternity past God had planned it so. I hope the way Spurgeon imagined it, spurs your own imagination. God bless you. Aron God the Father speaks: "I, the Most High Jehovah, do hereby give unto my only begotten and w...

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Learning From Jethro

Jethro was quite a father-in-law. He observed Moses for one day doing a good and sincere work; however it was an unsustainable work. He was essentially caring for all of Israel with little to no help! Exodus 18 shows us a precursor of equipping the saints for works of ministry and on a more basic level, it shows us a picture of discipleship: one person encouraging and hel...

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Is it Ever Okay to Complain to God?

After Sunday's message on Exodus 16-17, Grace for the Grumbler, one of the repeated questions I heard was related to this idea, "Is it ever okay to complain to God?" The people of Israel were in quite a desperate situation facing hunger and thirst and attack. We all face desperate situations as well where we cry out to God. How should we respond? Where do we cross of the l...

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Awe of God

God gave the people of Israel two acts of remembrance to keep their salvation ever before them. The Feast of Unleavened Bread and the consecration of the first born reminded them that their salvation and redemption were entirely a work of God and of his grace....

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Learning From The Plagues

Hello Metro, On Sunday we studied Exodus 7-10 together. The plagues are a fascinating, challenging and powerful display of the character of God. The plagues teach us that God is sovereign over all things. The plagues teach us that God is a just God. He didn't arbitrarily inflict punishment on Pharaoh and Egypt. They brought it on themselves. Nor was hardening Pharaoh's ...

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The Arena of Faith

In studying Exodus 4 and 5 I find a lot of similarity between Moses and myself. I don't mean that I relate to his calling or that I have a pretty cool staff that can do some pretty cool things. I mean that I relate to his selective listening, his faintness of heart, and his "why me?" attitude. I don't mind a good fight of faith; it's just that I only want it to go one rou...

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What is God Like?

As we continue on in our series in the book of Exodus we reached a very well known passage on Sunday. In Exodus 3 God speaks to Moses through a burning bush that was not consumed! That will break up a monotonous day as a shepherd of sheep! Is the burning bush that wasn't consumed supposed to be the part we remember most? I don't think so. The glory of Exodus 3 is not the b...

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