Alive Update: Where has all the Reverence Gone?

The Stereotypes of the Church

Outside the Church:
Can’t do anything for me
Wants something from me
Different from the world; has its own standard
Doesn’t want hear what it has to say – makes me feel guilty

Inside the Church:
Should do everything for me
Wants too much of me
Tries to be as much like the world as possible
Doesn’t listen to what it has to say – I’ve heard it all before

What would be different if Jesus attended church?

What’s Missing?
Reverence ⇒Respect ⇒ Resposibility

Both stereotypes are wrong, reverence is the key

Reverence is still inside us, we have just turned it off

It’s in the Bible: Joshua 24:1-27

Joshua challenged Israel to turn on their reverence

Israel’s response to Joshua:

We will show God reverence
We will do it all the way
“Serve the Lord” = respect
“Obey him” = responsibility

Joshua took a stand; everyone else followed and changed everything

We Have to Take a Stand

Challenge for the week: honestly evaluate yourself on how much reverence, respect, and responsibility you have in your life. 

Here are the songs that John led us through in worship: