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Truth Quest Study: Wisdom for God’s People

U11:S2Last week we learned how King Solomon asked God for wisdom and God made him wise. Yesterday we explored some of Solomon’s wisdom that he was guided by God to write in the Book of Proverbs. Proverbs provides God’s people with great principles for living.

Wisdom comes from God. He made the world and knows how it works best. Everyone is born a foolish sinner, but God sent His Son to earth to save us. The Bible says that Jesus is the wisdom of God. Jesus makes us wise and holy. He frees us from sin.

Help your kids see their need to trust in Jesus to be truly wise, not to simply try to live like Jesus. True wisdom comes from God and transforms us! That is the nature of the gospel.

Family Starting Points

 - Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God. 
 - Wisdom is loving God and obeying His Word. 

 - Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God through His Word.
 - Wisdom is fearing the Lord and obeying His Word. 

Unit 11 Scripture

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