Alive Update: Introducing the D-Group Leaders



Discipleship can be described as a process of growth in Christ-likeness through the Holy Spirit to overcome the pressures and trials of this present life. Surely those pressures and trials on teens in today’s culture are more potent than ever before! The Alive ministry, as we stated last week, is dedicated to serving the teens of our local body, and their parents, to provide a warm and welcoming place for discipleship to occur on a regular basis. Of course, one man can’t pull this off alone, even Chris Jessee!

Alive_Discipleship_Groups_WebOver the last few months, Chris has invested much time training a small group of young men and women who are now ready to step into their roles as D-Group leaders. These aren’t just random folks who “have a heart for youth”. They do, but they’ve also been trained and equipped with the skills they’ll need to serve our teens well. They are not in any way taking the place of parental involvement in the youth ministry. In fact, these leaders will only spend about 3% of an entire year with our teens. More importantly, Parents can rest assured that all of the D-Group leaders have the same goals as we outlined last week, desiring to see all the teens grow in love for God, apply his word to their lives, fellowship with one another, and share the gospel. Their responsibilities will include leading small group activities during Alive meetings, planning meetings and events, and serving along with Chris.

D-Group leaders will benefit the Alive ministry in several important ways:

• Allow added time for Chris to focus attention on other aspects of Alive ministry

• Allow for increase in the number of Alive meetings (more on this later)

• Free parents for regular times of equipping and encouragement

• Support for parents in their calling to disciple at home 

Let’s join together and pray for John and Lindsay McCall, Mike and Erika Craig, Matt Yates, Tim Klinect, Daniel Bell, Jennifer Needham, Minde Osborne, Jordyn Rumbugrger, and Allison Gilland as they lay down their lives, time, talents, and gifts to serve the teens of Metro Life Church. Pray also that God will multiply their 3% as they encourage our youth to resist the pressures of the culture and walk with faith through the joys and trials of this life, becoming more like Christ along the way!


In case you missed it, here is a video introducing our fabulous D-Group leaders: 

Alive Leaders - Video to Parents from Metro Life Church on Vimeo.