We wanted to create a space where we could update you on news from around the church, information on upcoming events, follow up to a recent sermon.

Often you will find thoughts on a Sunday message or event stories from our life together as a church.

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Lobby Construction Update


Your generosity makes it possible to update this into a usable space. We're grateful and can't wait to share the finished area with you all this fall....

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Happy Reformation Day

Reformation SundayArtboard 1 copy

Today is Reformation Day. Here at Metro we identify as a Reformed-Charismatic church, and as we celebrate the significance of an event that took place 500 years ago, we want to take a time to meditate on what it means to be reformed. In a follow-up post, we will explore what it means to be Charismatic. The study of theology and doctrine is considered by many to be boring,...

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Save The Date in 2017

Perhaps your family is like mine, enjoying the break but making plans for the year ahead... there's family, school, vacations, budgets and a list of other things to consider. It can get overwhelming and at times we find our calendars full before we've even considered the things that God would want us to engage in through His church. This year, we've put together what we ho...

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Inside the Ark

During Aron Osborne’s message on Noah this past Sunday, I was reminded of the following devotional I had written a while back. Aron pointed out so well the mercy of the Lord (He provided for Noah and his family; He pursues us; He is the initiator of our salvation!) and how the Lord’s mercy enables us to respond in faith-filled obedience. My short writing belo...

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A Prayer for Using Our Words to Heal, Not Harm

Dear Lord Jesus, as with all the Scriptures, ultimately, these verses make me think of you. There’s no one more filled with kindness and gentle answers than you; no one with a wiser, loving, healing tongue than yours. You ever live to use your words to pray for us, bless us, and sing to us of your great delight in us, and irrepressible affection for us. Hallelujah, ...

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I Love My Crazy Home Group, and I Should Be Committed

You may think they were cruel, but nothing lifts my spirits quite like having a joke pulled on me. It was just what I needed during this stressful time, and my friends knew it. Hearing them laughing and cutting up on speakerphone was good for my heart. Why is home group so important? I never need to ask myself that question....

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Tithes and Offerings

My name is Daniel, and I am really glad to share with you what the Lord has been doing in my heart, as of late. ...

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Walking Through This Valley With Hope

Our church has experienced the deaths of close friends and family members recently. One in particular inspired this post. Steve Ballinger and his wife Peggy have been members at Metro Life Church from the very beginning. They raised their children here together and taught them what it means to live a life sold out for God. Steve passed away a few weeks ago after a long ill...

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Retelling Triumphs of His Grace

The Creator wired us to connect with stories because He has a grand story He wants us to know and respond to. The Bible, which he inspired and led men to write, is the epic true story of God revealing Himself to us. It’s the ultimate story. Jesus also used the power of story by telling many parables about living as God’s children. The stories of God moving i...

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Food Truck Rally raises funds for Global Impact missions trips

May 19, 2013 will forever be noted in history books as the Sunday where no Metro Life Church members were seen in Tijuana Flats. Difficult to believe as it may be, the popular (and nearby) Tex-Mex chain was not closed for business, and it wasn't a church-wide day of fasting. This time, our lunch drove to us....

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