We wanted to create a space where we could update you on news from around the church, information on upcoming events, follow up to a recent sermon.

Often you will find thoughts on a Sunday message or event stories from our life together as a church.

Archives for July 2013

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Your Seeing and Rewarding Father

"Your Father who sees in secret will reward you." That's how Jesus ends each section in Matthew 6:1-18. We have a Father in heaven. We are his children by adoption through Jesus Christ. And our Father sees. He sees everything that goes unnoticed and unaccounted by others. And he rewards. What a breathtaking reality!...

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Love Your Enemies!

In verse 44 of Matthew 5, Jesus turns all common sense on its head and declares the heart of the one who has been transformed by the power of the Gospel. Our tendency is to hate our enemies. We come by that naturally. It doesn't take much effort on our part. But He said, "Love them." Stunning! How is that possible? When you compare to other Bible verses, you see the same ...

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Radical Purity and Devotion

Does it get more radical than this, friends? Does anything in the Sermon on the Mount communicate to us more the need for poverty of spirit? Let’s remember, this sermon isn’t about entrance into the Kingdom; it’s about life in the Kingdom. That life is made possible by the power of Jesus Christ! ...

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The Corner: Kylene Chin

God has been teaching me that regardless of how insufficient I feel, He is greater. When I’ve tried to figure out on my own how to transition neighborly chat into talk about God, I couldn’t find an easy way or smooth transition. But God has given me His boldness. I don’t need the perfect opportunity to share the Love of God. He’s teaching me tha...

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Is Anger Really the Same as Murder?

We just studied Matthew 5:21-26 together on Sunday. What a passage. What a hard passage! When Jesus said our righteousness must exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees he wasn’t kidding! It is a hard passage, because it humbles us in seeing that what Jesus is really building in us by His Spirit are a people who don’t just refrain from external acts, but who ...

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Baptism Testimony: Daniella Coronel

It wasn't until someone preached the gospel to me that I started feeling convicted about my sins. I knew I wasn't living my life right. I felt like I needed a change, I needed something... what I needed was a Savior....

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Oh, How I Love Your Law! Really?

Throughout church history the relationship between law and grace has been a lively discussion. Legalism and license have been tripping up the saints for centuries. Does it have to be that way? No! The Gospel is our anchor, keeping us from either error! Lets pray together for a deeper understanding of what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount, and out of that understandi...

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