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Learning From Israel…Learning From Our Own Story

Good Morning Metro! I hope the grace and mercy of Jesus is a cause for awestruck wonder in your heart as you begin this day! It is for me! Thinking back to the message from Sunday and its application to my own life, I am simultaneously perplexed and strengthened over this reality; for all my years as a Christian there is still so much I want to see in my growth in the Lor...

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Truth Quest Update: Jesus Drove Out Evil Spirits

Among Jesus’ healing miracles, Jesus drove out demons, or evil spirits, who are enemies of God. When Jesus was preaching at the synagogue in Capernaum, an evil spirit began to shout through a man. Jesus commanded the spirit to be quiet, and He drove the demon out of the man. Jesus is the King who has come to make all things right. By commanding the evil spirit to co...

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"O Lord, deliver me..."

Hello Metro, Ken Sande's blog post is very helpful and my thoughts are that it would also be to you. Have a blessed day in the Lord! Aron A Common Lust by Ken Sande...

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Truth Quest Update: Jesus Healed an Official's Son

Jesus’ miracles are one of the main ways God brought people to faith in Him. The official wanted Jesus to save his son from death, and it was not until Jesus did so that he understood who Jesus is: the promised Messiah. It took faith for the official to believe Jesus’ words - that his son was healed. In healing the official’s son, Jesus showed His auth...

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Farther Up, Farther In!

Good Afternoon Metro, I hope the certain promise of a future banquet with Jesus, in the Father's house, is compelling your living today. To think that from eternity past God had planned it so. I hope the way Spurgeon imagined it, spurs your own imagination. God bless you. Aron God the Father speaks: "I, the Most High Jehovah, do hereby give unto my only begotten and w...

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Truth Quest Update: Rejection at Nazareth

Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah wrote about God’s plan to send a Messiah. He would bring good news and redeem people who were broken and hurting. Jesus read Isaiah’s words and told everyone who was listening that He is the promised Messiah. Jesus had performed miracles in Capernaum, and the people of Nazareth wanted Jesus to do mi...

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Find Metro Life Church on Amazon Smile

Recently, Metro Life Church became listed as one of the non-profit organizations that can benefit from your shopping on amazon.com with Amazon Smile. Here's a little more information on the service...

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The Lord's Day: A "Market Day" For The Soul!

So Metro, how did you spend your Sunday? Did you "work?" Did you avoid certain foods? If you did, why did you? Did you find someone under a pile of rubble? Did you get them out? Ok, seriously, Exodus 20:8-11 calls upon God's people to keep the Sabbath, to keep it by remembering it and setting it apart (holy), because God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. How should ...

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Truth Quest Update: Jesus Met a Samaritan Woman

Jesus broke down social barriers when He traveled to Galilee by way of Samaria and asked a Samaritan woman for a drink. Jesus was kind to the woman, and He offered the woman something no one else could give her - "living water. He wasn’t talking about water that she could physically drink; Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit who would satisfy her spiritual thir...

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Needing A Few Good Servants

We are in need of members willing to serve in the following areas. If you have a heart to serve the church, please sign up below and we will be in touch. Thank you. ...

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Promotion Sunday - 9/7

Quick update regarding Promotion Sunday....

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